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Here's the 4-1-1 on Cindy & Josh...

Cindy is a workforce development specialist at our local career center. In short, she helps people search for jobs and counsels them on the resources available to them as they prepare for a career. She is also a Director with the Pampered Chef. She loves to read, cook, and has found a new love for digital scrapbooking!

Josh is a 4th grade elementary school teacher and loves his job. He enjoys reading, cooking, playing video games, and blogging! You can check out his educational blog Mr. B's Beach Brains!

There are many different things we like to do together like photography, traveling, cooking, gardening, and other random activities. You can always count on a lot of laughs in our household! We also have three pets in the house: 2 dogs, Deacon & Cider, and a cat named Patches. 

Thank you for visiting our blog and we hope you are blessed as we write about our adoption journey!

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