Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finalization is in Sight!!!

Wow... time has totally flown by! Somehow, in less than a week, our sweet baby Brynlee will be 7 months old! This just doesn't seem possible! She is growing and changing every day and we love her more and more every single day!

We have some exciting news! First of all, tomorrow (Sunday, 8/4) will be our FINAL post-placement visit! Yay! Even more exciting... we found out this week that our finalization court date has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 21st!!! Hallelujah!!! This date is even sooner than we thought it would be, so we are thrilled! We can't wait to "officially" have Brynlee become a Bennett! She has ALWAYS been a Bennett in our hearts and minds, but we are excited to have the courts recognize this as well and make it official. We are also excited to be done with the adoption "process". It has been a journey that we will always look back on and cherish, but we are so thankful that it is almost over! We just want to continue living our lives, raising Brynlee in a Godly home, and furthering the relationship we have built with Bailey and her family who have become an extended part of our family. :-)

 Thank you SO much to each and every one of you who has walked this journey with us... prayed with us, cried with us, supported us through all the ups and downs, helped us with financial support, helped with our many fundraisers, and so much more. You guys are unbelievable and we will never be able to thank you enough!!! We pray that we can somehow, some day, repay you all the blessings you have bestowed upon us!

Most importantly, we give God all the glory and honor for carrying us through this adoption. We couldn't have done it without Him, and we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this was His plan all along! Brynlee was meant to be our child! God allowed miracles to happen time and time again throughout our adoption journey, especially when it came to raising the funds we needed to complete this process. We are thrilled to say that He has blessed us immensely one more time and provided the final funding to pay off the attorney and guardian ad litem fees. He is SO good! Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost there...

We got a call from our agency today and it looks like Brynlee will get to come home Saturday afternoon! The only catch to this is that our agency wants us to have the rest of our fees (about $14,000) paid by then. To be honest, we're feeling like this is an impossible task; however, we are stepping out in faith and trust that God is in this. We have applied for our adoption loan and are just waiting to hear about how much we have to work with. If we get what our loan provider is telling us we'll get, we have about $4,000 left to raise. By the grace of God and your generous support, we've managed to raise almost $2,000! Right now, we covet your prayers above anything else. If you feel led to help, you can do this in a couple of ways. You can share our fundraiser information from the previous post with your friends and family. If you feel led to give financially, you can do so by filling out the form provided, or clicking on the Donate button on the right via PayPal. Again, your prayer support is treasured more than anything. We hate the fact that we seem like we're begging, but at the same time, we realize we need help to bring Brynlee home. We love you guys, and appreciate your support & encouragement throughout this adoption journey!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Making the Pieces Fit

We are nearing the finish line in bringing Ms. Brynlee Rose home! After taking out an adoption loan, we still have to come up with a little over $4,000 to pay off our adoption expenses. With this in mind, we are going to do one last fundraiser called "Making the Pieces Fit". We have a 500 piece puzzle and each piece of the puzzle is up for "sponsorship". There is a "suggested" donation of $20 per piece; however, you may give whatever you feel led to give, if at all. Your prayers and encouragement are just as valuable. :)

If you make a donation, we will write your name on a piece of the puzzle, and when assembled, Brynlee will see everyone who had a hand in bringing her home to our family. Please prayerfully consider making a donation, and if you feel led, you may visit the link below to make your contribution. Anything raised in excess of $4,000 will be used to pay down the adoption loan and/or our legal fees. We love and thank you so very much!

Click here to get to our Making the Pieces Fit fundraiser form!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Best Laid Plans

The last time we updated this blog, we mentioned that we were going to meet the birth mother that we were matched with after only a few days of waiting on "the list". SOOOO much has happened since then, and we wanted to make this blog current. Get ready for the ride!

Match Meeting - The match meeting at the beginning of December was, in a word... awesome! The birth mother's family and we hit it off from the start. We had a great time getting to know each other and she even gave us some ultrasound pictures. Things went so well, we even forgot the adoption specialists were in the room with us. We exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and knew we had the beginnings of a great relationship.

Holidays - During the weeks following and during the holidays, we would sporadically send e-mails to and receive e-mails from the birth mother.  We also decided to reveal the name that we (the birth family & us) decided upon - Brynlee Rose Bennett. It, truly, was a collaborative effort. We picked the first name, and the birth mother picked the middle name. We all loved how it sounded and how unique it was - it just stuck! We also learned that her due date was moved up to the 15th of February, so we began working out the details of planning baby showers and getting the nursery ready for Miss Brynlee.  We painted and reorganized her closet to make room for all the stuff she'll have in the nursery when she comes home. We had begun making plans for Brynlee and had begun the search for a pediatrician, insurance, and all the other things you need to consider when planning for a child. It was a very blessed, yet productive holiday seasons.

Plans Change - Two days after Josh went back to school, we got a text saying that she was going into labor about 6 weeks early. They were going to try medication and bed rest to stop her contractions. We really didn't think too much of it... until we got another phone call saying they could not stop the contractions and that Brynlee would be born in a matter of hours. Our world changed forever on January 8th. We spent a couple hours making work & personal arrangements, packing for who knows how long, and finally hit the road that night. After traveling an hour or so from home, we decided to get gas and we received another text saying our baby girl had been born. Brynlee Rose made her grand debut at 10:18pm on 1/8/13. She was 6 lbs 1 oz, and was 18 inches long. Since she was a "preemie," she was placed in the special care nursery where she could be monitored.

Roller Coaster - We've been in St. Louis ever since Brynlee was born. We have had a lot of "highs" spending time with Brynlee and her birth mother. We wanted to make sure to give her plenty of love & encouragement as she begins to adjust to life post-pregnancy. We've also had many "lows" as we deal with this rocky road called "adoption". However, even though these have been trying times, God has proven time and time again that He is faithful and He provides our every need. Many family members and friends have done so much for us, and we feel so unworthy of it all. Going forward, here are our prayer needs:

1. Pray for Cindy - Josh is going back to work on Monday, which will leave Cindy in St. Louis by herself. We hate that she has to be up here alone; however, we know it's best so Josh can have some time with her and Brynlee when they do get to come home. Pray for confidence and God's peace in her heart as she deals with different aspects.

2. Attorney Meeting - Cindy will be meeting with an adoption attorney on Tuesday at 2pm. A few of the first words out of his mouth were, "Bring a check for $2000". Our jaws dropped! We knew we would have to pay legal expenses, but at the same time, we were not banking (pardon the pun!) on the fact that Brynlee would decide to come early. Pray that God will open up doors to ways we can raise the money quickly.

3. Birth father - Please be praying for Brynlee's birth father. He has not responded to any communication from the birth mother or from our agency. We would like for him to be a part of the adoption plan; however, he is not showing any sign of being involved. There are also some legal "things" we need him to take care of. Pray that he will feel led to respond and that we can find ways we can minister to & encourage him.

4. Fundraisers - While Josh is back at home, he is going to be working on getting the last of our fundraising efforts going. He is also going to be working on getting some Pampered Chef catalog shows going so we can help pay for our adoption expenses. Pray that he can be productive and get the ball rolling, in addition to getting caught up at school.

We cannot say "thank you" enough to everyone who has shown us their love & support throughout this adoption journey. We serve an amazing God who has had His hand in every little detail, and we hold on to that hope that He will see us through the rest of what is to come. Again, we cannot say thank you enough, and we pray God's blessings on each of you 1,000-fold!

We love you all!

Josh & Cindy